We at MAN International DWC-LLC take pride in conducting our business operations with integrity and high ethical standards, as well as fostering an environment of mutual respect with all our employees, counterparts, and stakeholders. We continue to do this by applying technical, commercial, financial, and political insight and knowledge in every aspect of the business for our clients.MAN International DWC-LLC will continue to encourage and maintain a collaborative, team-oriented organization by fostering a diverse team operating from different locations.


We are committed to maintaining and improving the health and safety of our workforce and other stakeholders, minimizing the impact of projects on their surroundings and showing respect for the communities and environment in which they are based. Sustainable development is a core focus of all MAN International DWC-LLC operations. While safeguarding and maintaining its assets, we aim to optimize the use of all natural resources and prevent pollution through clear and specific environmental management programs. The company also tracks and continuously improves its environmental performance while ensuring compliance with both voluntary and regulatory environmental standards. ​

We are dedicated to establishing defined health and safety programs for our employees, ensuring compliance with local and international health and safety standards and continually assessing and minimizing risks in the working environment. This includes maintaining a high degree of emergency preparedness and thoroughly investigating the causes of any accidents to ensure they are properly addressed and the risks of reoccurrence mitigated. ​ We strongly believe in maintaining open and transparent communication with all stakeholders, including employees, community partners, suppliers, customers, governments and shareholders. We operate in full compliance with legislation regarding consultation activities with our local communities and promote the same approach amongst our suppliers and contractors. ​
The wellbeing of our employees is paramount.

  • MAN International DWC-LLC fosters an inclusive and diverse workforce and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.
  • We are also committed to the professional development of our workforce through effective training programs that reinforce our commitment to responsible operations. ​
  • We are open to public scrutiny and conduct our business according to our stated values.
  • We will continuously monitor, measure and report on our performance against the standards we set for ourselves


MAN International DWC-LLC is fully committed to social and environmental responsibility in our activities as well as within our supply chain.Through our principles and policies, we continue to be committed in respecting and supporting human rights of all individuals potentially affected by our operations. We are thereby, fully committed in achieving a slavery and human trafficking free supply chain by sourcing and working with suppliers and contractors who:

– Comply with applicable local and international laws and regulations
– Do not employ underage workforce
– Do not employ people against their own free will
– Comply with applicable local laws regarding working hours, paid minimum wages and overtime
– Do not support human trafficking, sexual exploitation, slavery and forced labor.
– We therefore make great efforts to ensure that MAN International DWC-LLC does not knowingly deal with or support any counterparty that may be involved in slavery, human trafficking or other related human rights abuses.


The mining of certain minerals and metals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries is known to contribute to human rights abuses and the financing of armed groups and violent conflicts in the region. Conflict minerals, known as 3TG, are tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold.We at MAN International DWC-LLC completely exclude all conflict minerals and metals from our supply chain and where possible, conduct processes ensuring our business practices minimize environmental impact.

Due diligence is taken to ensure we fully understand the supply chain and our suppliers in this region and the products, so that our final customers can be confident that their products are produced from metals which are conflict free.